We operate in some of the poorest
places on the planet, with hope and
strong desire to help end hunger
and build a peaceful world.


To experience and encourage the practice of fraternity, without ethnical, geographical or religious constraint, sheltering primarily children and young people in situation of vulnerability or social risk.


To be internationally recognized as a serious, solid, transparent and effective
humanitarian organization with clear goals and objectives, focused on attending to
and promoting the social and economic development of children and young people in
Community Centers, working to transform today's youngsters into practitioners and
multipliers of the universal fraternity.



Fidelity to

of the human being



we do

In sub-Saharan Africa, we open and maintain shelters, where we offer food, hygiene care, pedagogical, cultural and vocational training. We support the elderly with food and housing construction. We are drilling artesian wells in African villages and, with the arrival of water, we started sustainable food cultivation, empowering young farmers and involving children in environmental education activities.

In Brazil, we support the treatment of children with microcephaly, in Campina Grande, Paraíba, in partnership with the Research Institute Professor João Amorim Neto. In Campo Grande, we maintain the Young Emmanuel Philharmonic Orchestra project, which provides music teaching to young people from the periphery, and we help Clínica da Alma, dedicated to the treatment of addicts. In Roraima, we host refugee families from Venezuela, who crossed the border into Brazil in seeking for a chance.

of Love


With a little help from each one of us, it is possible to make a better world. See the results, in numbers, of our fraternal union. 

we operate

We operate in Sub-Saharan Africa, one of the poorest regions of the world, and we also embrace social causes in Brazil.

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Boa Vista / Roraima state

We build and maintain a sheltering center for Venezuelan families that cross the border to Brazil in search of a opportunity. Official data indicates that more than 30,000 Venezuelans have already entered the country, and every day 400 people arrive in Roraima, most of them only with the bodies clothes, in the hope of be hired for a job.

Campo Grande / Mato Grosso do Sul state

The willingness to instruct for life, inspired the maestro Orion to bring the teaching of music to teenagers and young people from the outskirt of Campo Grande city. As they evolve, some begin to integrate the Young Emmanuel Philharmonic Orchestra, and all will conquer self-esteem and discipline.

Boa Vista / Roraima acolhemos famílias refugiadas da Venezuela

Construímos e mantemos centro de acolhimento.


It is estimated that at least 30,000 boys and girls do not have a home in the entire Dakar, the capital of Senegal, region. These children and young people are known as Talibés, submitted to a kind of slavery. They spend eight hours per day on the streets of Dakar, begging for alms. According to the UN, it's the world's largest street child phenomenon.


CIn Mozambican villages, 1 million people are hunger and consume dirty water, most are orphaned children with their parents killed by HIV and malaria. There are places where does not rain in the last 13 years. Who has a meal plate per day lives better, but lack of resources is so strong that it is not uncommon to find a family without feeding for two or three days.


One of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. Severe malnutrition affects 53% of the children. Without access to water, they only take a bath when it rains - which takes months - and they grow up into a only one outfit. The lack of hygiene and the hunger causes chronic and serious diseases.


Atuamos na África Subssaariana, uma das regiões mais pobres do mundo, e abraçamos também causas sociais no Brasil.

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