Please read our recommendations in the guide and manual closely.


If your heart tells you to be a promoter for Fraternity without Borders, what is essential is already there, inside of you. This guide is a way for us to become aligned with the purpose of the cause. Here we present useful and simple suggestions for all of us to promote the humanitarian work.


- Raise up the feeling of fraternity, and not Fraternity (the institution), as the basis for a better world;

- Whenever possible, speak in the first person plural, “we”. Example: “This is an invitation for us to reflect on the change that we can be in the world", instead of, “This is an invitation for you to reflect on the change that you can be in the world”;

- Speak in a simple, natural manner. Truth has power, and simplicity is elegant and creates empathy;

Prepare yourself for the presentation

- Conscious of the mission, cultivate in your heart gratitude for the opportunity to sow fraternity;

- Take close note of the time that you will have to present the cause and take care to plan the presentation according to the time available. Pay close attention to the subject, respecting what was agreed upon;

- Here on this page, under the option “Available Material”, located on the upper left-hand side, is the promotional material such as videos, PowerPoints, banners, among other possible resources. If you need something specific that you cannot find on the page, contact the COMMUNICATIONS team of FWB for any requests. It is always important to also keep in contact to stay up to date on the development of projects and campaigns in progress;

- Study the content well that you are going to promote and, whenever possible, tell stories, describe experiences of fraternity;

- Make your presentation wearing the Fraternity without Borders T-shirt. It will help to identify and promote the cause;

- Plan to arrive one hour before the presentation time, or even earlier, whenever necessary. This time will be helpful to put you at ease for the task, it will make finding solutions to unexpected events easier and will allow for socializing with the host group and guests;

- Whenever possible, remain at the venue after the presentation, making yourself available to whoever may want to know more about the cause;

- Whenever there is a booth at the venue, at the end of the presentation, include an invitation to visit the booth, where they can learn more about the cause and sponsor projects.

In every experience, cultivate serenity, without any anxiety about the reception of the proposal. We sow, and the heart of every person freely decides to welcome the proposal or not. The task is of fortuitous joy and gratitude for the opportunity to invite all of us to make a world of peace, educating ourselves in love, offering our best to the collective work.

For whatever you need, it would be a joy to hear from you.
+55 67 99874-1493


The applications show you the ways you can make use of the brand in different situations.

01 - Standard
02 - Only the font
03,04 - Applications in pictures
05 - Horizontal Application
06 and 07 - Application to a background of the same color as the brand

Keeping in mind that if you use the logotype separate from the symbol
as in example 02, you must use the full Branding as in example 01
within the same piece. The same goes for example 06.

Incorrect Use

In order to maintain uniformity in the visual identity of the FWB brand,
the brand has a few rules of application. And to maintain these features
there are a few terms of use.

The following is a list of what should not be done as it relates to the use
of the brand:

01 - Please, dont change the typography
02 - Increase the size of the typography
03 - Change the color of the typography
04 - Change the placement
05 - Modify the brand’s colors
06 - Distort the branding
07 - Modify the brand’s angle
08 - Change the placement of the font in horizontal application.


The colors defined for the brand are: purple, pink (prominent), two tones
of blue, three tones of green, orange and yellow. These are colors that
harmonize with one another and represent the joy of working without
borders. When unsure about what colors to use, use one of the most
prominent ones.

Not all of the colors need to be used in every piece, since the colors can
become quite intense. Therefore we chose as complementary colors, to
make the piece more neutral, two tones of gray and white.


The font used to create the branding is: TRASHHAND.

As the font for titles and headings we almost always use the font BEBAS.

And for the body of the text we generally use: Akzidenz-Grotesk BQ ou Roboto.



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