Aqui você encontra o feedback dos projetos, histórias de realidade e fraternidade, depoimentos, resultados dos trabalhos da FSF e alguma reflexões importantes que temos que ter no dia-a-dia.


A beautiful report from a volunteer, touched by meeting again a child and her mother, both completely different and recovered, 1 year later, in Madagascar. Another report that proves that her act of love makes difference. Another report that proves that working on fraternity is always worthwhile. “Here we are in Ambovombe, Madagascar, another humanitarian...
“I saw Razana on Sunday, the 8th of July. Her mother brought her and she did not have any urgent complaint, but the triage group soon identified the girl had severe acute malnutrition. She was 1 year and 2 months old and weighing 4 kilos. She got fed 3 times a day with only rice...


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