Brazil, a Sheltering

Hope moves hundreds of Venezuelan immigrants, every day, toward the border with Brazil. They leave Venezuela under the impact of the humanitarian crisis and arrive in Roraima avid for a job opportunity.

Fraternity without Borders is connecting the bridge between those who need to start over and who can help.

We are registering the curriculum of Venezuelan workers and registering individuals or legal entities that they want to employ.

And we invite people from all over Brazil to welcome workers or families in the cities where they live

The movement has begun and is working! See how it works, get to know the exciting host stories, and help boost that chain.

Let us unite and launch a message of peace to the world.

FWB - Roraima's Sheltering Center on TV

Union is the solution.

The news was spread the same way as Venezuelans are found in the city. All over the place, there are refugees in Roraima, border with the neighbor country in crisis. Fraternity Without Borders humanitarian organization is working in the region. Another dream has become true.

The center is 5 thousand square meters and has the capacity to shelter 100 families, 100 tents, kitchen, canteen, washroom, communal laundry, hammocks.

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