What is?

Creation of a day to celebrate the anniversary of the Humanitarian Organization Fraternity without Borders (FWB). A day to support volunteer actions made by sponsors and FWB’s friends around the world. Specifically in 2019, it will be the first celebration. The action may be repeated in the coming years, always in the same date.

What’s the goal?

The goal is to celebrate the 10th Fraternity Without Borders’s (FWB’s) anniversary, by promoting FWB’s principles and values, integrating volunteers and friends of the cause; Sensitizing, mobilizing and intensifying the message of fraternity, which transforms realities and strengthens the movement of love.

How is it going to be?

On November 15, 2019, Fraternity Without Borders’s (FWB’s) volunteers and friends in their location according to the will and availability of each group. At the same time, the message of the good will be strongly disseminated worldwide, and this experience of fraternal movement will create meaning for the celebration of the 10th institution’s anniversary.

Participation Criteria

Sponsors and Fraternity Without Borders’s friends can participate from all over the world. All the people interested in experiencing fraternity without ethnic, geographical or religious borders. All you need is to select a representative to subscribe to this page the action you are planning to do in this day. All registered actions must be in accordance with the values ​​of the Fraternity without Borders: Appreciation of the Being; Spirituality; Fidelity to the Purpose; Sustainable Processes; and fraternity.



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International Fraternity Without Borders Day
November 15th
I am a sponsor, disseminator, FWB regional representative, friend of the cause, volunteer at FWB. Can I participate?
You must! :)
What can I do?
Gether with other friends of FWB and create an activity or event to be held on November 15 in your area.
Does it need to be connected to Fraternity Without Borders?
Yes, because this is the International Fraternity Without Borders Day to celebrate the 10th anniversary of FWB, all activities will happen on the same day.
Does it need to be a fundraising event for FWB projects?
No, it can be any activity that comes from your heart to promote and celebrate the cause.
Once we decide what to do, what else I have to do?
Go to the website www.fraternidadesemfronteiras.org.br/diamundialfsf/ and register your plans.
Everyone participating need to register in the site?
No, only 1 person representing the group need to do so.
Am I getting any confirmation of its registration?
Yes, you will receive an email which will also include the form for Image Use Authorization. The form must be signed by all participants and sent back to FWB replying the same email.
And then?
You only need to get it organized and spread the word! For that, it is available for download all you will need on the same website you registered. You will find there: banners about FWB, an event sign that you can add your event and pin to boards, and images for digital media campaigns. If you share it through any social media channel, please add the hashtag #internationalfraternitywithoutbordersday #FWB10years
What if I still have questions or need help?
You can send us an email to {email} or fill up the form below. It will be a pleasure to help you.
For questions, you
may also
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Fill in the data and write your message to us

Enter your action and let’s shake the world with fraternity!

#internationalfraternitywithoutbordersday #FWB10years

#internationalfraternitywithoutbordersday #FWB10years