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“This humanitarian feeling that Fraternity offers is what touches us the most. It’s an act of love, not a sociological act, it’s not an activity for saving from hunger, it’s an activity for dignifying human creatures through example.”.

We are very grateful for Divaldo Franco’s presence in Fraternity Without Border’s movement. Master in the art of devoting himself to others, founder of a beautiful project that is Mansão do Caminho in Salvador, Bahia state, Divaldo has joined FWB after an invitation made by the president Wagner Moura. Since then, he has participated in the I and II Fraternity Without Borders’ Congress always sending his messages of deep reflection and encouragement, inviting us to learn how to take care of others.

“This work of arriving at numerous villages, to have contact with the children, eat with them, play with them. Because the resources of a fair society are yet to come, but they eventually will. However, tenderness, kindness and this humanity feeling that Fraternity offers will never come. And this is what touches us. It is an act of love”, states Divaldo.

Watch Dilvado’s full lecture at the II Fraternity Without Borders’ Congress


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