Aqui você acompanha notícias com
as novidades dos projetos, os acontecimentos mais recentes e
as iniciativas em prol dessa causa de amor. ❤

Together for the families of the sertão in Bahia, Brazil. 🙏🖐️

It rained heavily this week in Santa Luz, Bahia, and the water invaded houses, causing destruction and loss. More than 200 families need help. Our partner volunteers at Portraits of Hope are campaigning in the region and ask for unity in helping people who have become homeless and have lost almost everything. Our brothers and sisters are in need of donations of food, personal hygiene products, cleaning products, mattresses, beds, wardrobes, and anything that could help to lessen the impact caused.

Single Donation: https://fraternidadesemfronteiras.colabore.org/donate-portraits
To Sponson: https://fraternidadesemfronteiras.colabore.org/portraits

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