It will be the third stage of the Living Fraternity Campaign to collect food, hygiene materials and protection items for the indigenous people

By Laureane Schimidt – press officer, with collaboration from Giovanna Percio

On Friday (24), the humanitarian organization Fraternity Without Borders (FWB) launched the third stage of the Living Fraternity Campaign – Curumim Heart – aimed exclusively at indigenous communities in the states of Mato Grosso do Sul and Mato Grosso, in addition to Paraguay, a country next to Brazil. For a month, the goal is to raise the amount of R$ 1 million for the assembly of a kit with food, hygiene supplies and protective items (flashlight, canvas, raincoat, masks, vest, blanket, thermometer and hand sanitizers); and also for drilling wells that enable the supply of clean water to the indigenous people.

“We have always worked with the most vulnerable populations, and now the time has come to look at indigenous communities,” says FWB founder-president, Wagner Moura Gomes. “It is as if the love that guides the Fraternity Without Borders is now turned to honour and respect for our ancestry”, adds FWB’s Public Relations director, Andrei Moreira.

Donations can be in amounts starting at R$ 50 on the FWB website or gift-in-kind at two collection points in Campo Grande / MS and Cuiabá / MT, which will receive food, hygiene and protection supplies described on the website.


The campaign aims to serve, at this first moment, 50 indigenous communities of the Terena, Xavante, Guarani and Kaiowá ethnic groups. The work is unprecedented for the Fraternity Without Borders, which will direct humanitarian aid to the indigenous people. For this start, the organization counted on the support and indication of three Brazilian institutions Coletivo Terra Vermelha, Instituto Amigos do Coração and the Social and Environmental Support and Incentive Network (RAIS) that already serve indigenous people in the Brazilian and Paraguayan regions.

“We know that the challenge is great due to the goal set and the purposes we want to accomplish, but we are sure that there will be a great appreciation of people in assisting us. The other stages of the Living Fraternity Campaign showed us that it is possible to do good to those who need it most at this moment ”, explains confidently Ângela Araújo, FWB Volunteer manager.

About the Living Fraternity Campaign – launched in April, during the IV Fraternity Without Borders Meeting in Brazil, two stages have already taken place with the fundraising of R$ 2,106,500, enough to purchase 42,130 essential food baskets which were distributed to 69 Brazilian institutions and 39 community centers in Africa. In all, the two stages brought food to 13,362 families in Brazil and 16,000 families in Africa. The objective is to provide food for families in vulnerable situations caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.


For more details of the Living Fraternity – Curumim Heart Campaign visit: https://www.fraternidadesemfronteiras.org.br/viverfraternidade/

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