We maintain two community centers, where we assist approximately 3 thousand people. They receive food, clean water, and hygiene care. We have enrolled 357  children at school and now -- together-- volunteers, sponsors, supporters, we are going to build the Fraternity City.

The reality

We arrived on the island of Madagascar in February 2017, and we found families living in extreme poverty, suffering from hunger and thirst, and without a minimum hygiene care. Without access to water, children take a bath only when it rains and half of them suffer from severe malnutrition. Malnutrition and lack of hygiene entail diseases such as taeniasis, Neurocysticercosis, tungiasis, among other diseases.

Danilo Farias School

We help to maintain Danilo Farias school,  born from a dream of solidarity from the professional dancer Danilo Farias. On a visit to the island, he saw the children’s needs and decided to change his life to help. He combined efforts and opened the school, enabling regular studies for children from the north of the island. The Fraternity Without Borders has become a partner in this project and together we are building new classrooms, expanding the study opportunities for children and young people.

The first Community Center

We opened two community centers in the city of Ambovombe. In the first one, where the FWB's headquarter is located in Madagascar, we shelter young children who lived on the streets, begging for crumbs. They receive meals, hygiene care, participate in recreation and cultural activities.

None of the sheltered children were attending school before. We manufactured briefcases, bought school supplies, uniforms, and enrolled 357 children in school.

Field of Peace

Along with the volunteers and the community we have built, in a larger area, the second FWB Community Center, the Field of Peace. We are sheltering 2,500 people per day, mostly children and mothers.

Families are provided with food, drink clean water, brush their teeth, take showers and wash their clothes.

We have built a health care center in the unit and we implemented a pharmacy and a dental office.

Attendance takes place during humanitarian missions, formed mostly by health professionals, sponsors of the cause, who go to Madagascar to help.

Nutrition Center

We built, at Field of Peace, a health care center, implanted a pharmacy and volunteer doctors have intensifed medical care to the community during the humanitarian missions that occurs every three months. With the health professionals’ help, we set at the Field a nutrition center and we are reviving the vitality of children that suffers with severe malnutrition.

Dental Care

Many of Ambovombe´s children didn't know what a toothbrush was.
We collected toothbrushes and toothpastes, tought them and their mothers about basic dental care and trained local multipliers to guide the community after the volunteers left.
We built two dental offices and the volunteers dentists’ lovely work is opening smiles in Madagascar.

Fraternity City

After seeing so much need, new dreams of fraternity arise. We have launched the campaign for the construction of the City of Fraternity, where we will shelter 100 Families living in extreme poverty in the villages of Ambovombe, on Madagascar island.

A new and healthy place with water, houses, and school. More than half of the donated area, a plot of 45,000 square meters, will be allocated for the sustainable cultivation of food and workshops.

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We follow the path of solidarity, charity and universal fraternity. We have projects in Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique and Senegal. In this channel we share stories and videos explaining each project. Watch and learn more about Fraternity without Borders. Be a part of this chain of love. Know more: Site: / Facebook: Instagram: @fraternidadesemfronteiras

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Primeira Caravana Madagascar - Segundo Dia 01:36


first humanitarion mission in Madagascar - Second day


A fome e a sede em Madagascar pedem uma intensa resposta humanitária. Estamos na Ilha, o trabalho segue e vamos precisar de todo mundo. Um mais um é sempre mais que dois. Ajude a divulgar a causa. Nenhuma seca pode ser maior do que a fraternidade no coração humano. Juntos, vamos mais longe!



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FSF começa os trabalhos em Androhodroho 01:47


Fwb stars operating in Androhodroho


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Madagascar clama por ajuda 00:57


Madagascar cries for help


Nossos caravaneiros estão no sul da ilha e constatam a enorme miséria e necessidade do povo malgache. A Fraternidade sem Fronteiras iniciou o trabalho de distribuição de água e comida por lá em fevereiro deste ano e agora se prepara para ampliar a ajuda humanitária. Uma corrente fraterna que cresce pelo entusiasmo de todos que abraçam a causa, como o ator Reynaldo Gianecchini.



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Resultados da primeira caravana ao sul de Madagascar 01:55


Results of the first humanitarian mission to madagascar


Termina a primeira caravana a Madagascar. Segue a obra coletiva. Vamos juntos, mais longe!



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Primeiro dia de caravana em Madagascar 00:56


Primeiro dia de caravana em Madagascar


A primeira caravana de voluntários em Madagascar. No centro de acolhimento já são mais de 200 crianças atendidas e vamos além, porque o bem precisa agir e ser fraterno é ser feliz!



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